A love letter to all yogis

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

Where all through the land

Not a person was stirring

Or moving a hand

The yogis were snuggled all warm in their homes

Listening to their teacher reading a poem

While I in my blankie with Jackson on his mat

Had just decided to put on a festive hat.

When out on the lawn I heard such a clatter

I worried the yogis’ relaxation would shatter

Away to the window I flew in a blaze

Tore off my AirPods and gazed outside in a daze.

The moon shone so bright as I squinted my eyes

To see none other than a jolly man in disguise

He was wearing bright red, trimmed with faux fur

Before I could speak, he was gone in a blur.

As I drew back my gaze and was turning around

On my mat the jolly man appeared without a sound

With closer inspection I came to see

That St Nick had come to visit with me.

Just like in the poem, his eyes twinkled so bright

I felt nothing but comfort, despite my initial fright.

True to tradition his belly was round

I thought he’d eaten too much during a recent Lockdown.

He smiled at me with a generous light,

Then looked down the camera, adjusting his sight.

The yogis still settled in deep relaxation,

Had waited so long with much anticipation.

‘This year has been hard for one and for all,

But I see you all chilling on this magic Zoom call.

The magic of community has saw you through this year,

Now head to 2021 with joy and not fear.’

Then suddenly Santa turned towards me,

‘Believe in yourself and in all you could be.’

He whispered to me as he lowered his head.

I didn’t know what to say, so I smiled instead.

Just as quick as a blink he was gone from my sight,

But I heard his voice say,

‘Merry Christmas and Goodnight!’

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