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Don’t make a New Year Resolution!

I know, it’s that time of the year again. We are all being encouraged to create a goal for the coming 12-months. Well I’m saying Don’t make a New Year Resolution, and in this blog post I’m going to explain my reasoning.

Welcome to the Water Element

According to the Chinese 5-Element theory we have entered the Water element, also known as the winter season. Therefore, we should be slowing down and taking our queue from nature itself. The Water element brings a time to reflect. It is just like the surface of calm water, because we can look at ourselves clearly. Allowing us to meditate on the changes we would like to make. This is a time for reflecting and for replenishing our energy stores, which we will need as we enter spring and the Wood element.

At this time of year, especially after this year, we need to carve out the time to recharge our batteries. This is simply because we have a tendency, in the 21st Century, to work ourselves to exhaustion. Therefore, by slowing down in winter/Water season we have the chance to reverse the fatigue, and restore our flow. To put it simply, this is not the time to set goals. However, this is the time to reflect on what we want and enjoy a bit of self-care.

Going with the flow

As we approach the spring equinox in March, we will be preparing for the Wood element. This element brings with it motivation to drive forwards the ideas we have carefully curated over the winter/Water season. Furthermore, just as farmers plant their crops at this time of year, we can also benefit with the shift in energy by setting our intentions and creating our resolutions in the spring/Wood season.

By working with the natural energies around us, we can tune into the cycles of the seasons. Therefore giving us the opportunity to amplify our abundance and to create lasting resolutions which are meaningful and achieveable.

New Year – New You – No Thanks

Browse the magazines and you’ll notice a theme across all the front pages. They are encouraging us to change, to set goals for modifying our lifestyle, our diet and revamping our fitness routine. Firstly, this is all fine and a little encouragement is perfect for motivation. However, I don’t feel the need to completely overhaul my life – a few tweaks here and there are definitely needed. But a full-scale remodel is not necessary. Instead of creating a New Year resolution that I know I won’t keep; I’m going to choose a word to be my theme of the year. This word will see me through the following 12-months. Supporting me as I work to use it as an affirmation and a guide towards all my goals.

My word for 2021 is Choice! Everything I do, everywhere I go and every second of each day will be influenced by this word. The intention behind this word is to help me manage the stresses and anxieties which plagued me during 2020. Therefore, I will be allowing myself the next 12-months to heal; to restore my balance and to accept the new normal as it unfolds. What word will you choose?

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