Lie-Yin Yoga

Saturdays 9.30am-11am

Online via Zoom


Dates to be announced

What it’s all about?
Seasonal yoga is based on, Traditional Chinese Medicine. Using the 5 element theory our yoga practice will change throughout the year in line with the seasons and our energy levels. Working with organ pairs associated with each element and season, our yoga flows will seek to bring about balance within the mind and body.

What’s the class like?
Each class begins with a calming pranayama (breathwork) practice to help us settle into the class ahead. The asana (postures) change from season to season, offering variety and challenge in each class. Each class ends with a guided relaxation which should leave you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and ready to face the weekend with a sense of vitality.

What level is the class aimed at?
Suitable for all levels of yoga practitioners, beginners are very welcome.

Anything else I need to know?
Have a mat laid out in a quiet area, with a blanket and some pillows or cushions.

How much does this class cost?
£10 for a 90-minute class. This class is also available as part of The Hub Online Yoga Membership.

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