Yoga Etiquette

There are some Health and Safety guidelines, which may help new yogis to settle into their first class or explain the weird and wonderful reasons why we do things a certain way. … More Yoga Etiquette

Building Balance

The universe constantly tries to create balance in everything. The seasons are balanced between extremes of heat and cold, life and death. But life often lacks balance by definition and this can bring about a host of difficulties which demand our attention, frequently at the worst possible time.     Balance and illness I need … More Building Balance

Yoga Nemesis

I’m going to be a little bit controversial here, because this is very un-yogic in its origins but bear with me because this does link to yoga and the practice of letting go, promise! Do you have a Yoga Nemesis? … More Yoga Nemesis

Happy – a review

  First of all, let me just say that this is a beautiful book and I love beautiful books. The illustrations throughout are inspiring and link in a mindful way to the content of the various chapters.  This has helped to make reading this book a pleasure over the last few weeks. Divided into 11 … More Happy – a review

How honest are you?

Satya is one of Patanjali’s Eight Limbs of Yoga, as written in the Yoga Sutras. It translates as ‘non-lying’ or in other words truthfulness, and I can only assume that Patanjali had as many issues with deceit 1,700 years ago as we do today in 2017. Dishonesty can’t be a new concept, otherwise why would it be a part of the 5 Yamas, or restraints we are advised to practice as part of yoga? … More How honest are you?