Practically speaking – real life yoga

’ve wanted a dog for as long as I can remember and have spent a great deal of time and effort getting my life sorted so that I could offer the pooch a good home. I’ve spent time researching breeds, reading about how to care for a puppy, food, training, the full deal. You could say that I was incredibly well prepared if this had been an exam of how to do things. But knowing and doing are two totally different entities. … More Practically speaking – real life yoga

Why I teach yoga?

Many people who come along to my classes are looking for a nice wee exercise class. Perhaps they’ve always wanted to try yoga and my face just happened to pop up on their Social Media feed. But for others, this class is the antidote to a very stressful career or family life. They come along to help themselves maintain equilibrium. … More Why I teach yoga?

Yin Yoga Tips

You’ve decided to start yoga and a Yin class has been recommended as a great place to begin. But what now? Here are some helpful hints to get you beyond the first class nerves. … More Yin Yoga Tips

Inspiring motivation

It’s April, your New Year Resolutions have fallen into the recycle bin with all of the festive wrapping paper and suddenly talk of summer is floating about in the air. With the impending warmer weather (hopefully!) it may be worth considering dusting off those resolutions and giving yourself a bit of a re-start. … More Inspiring motivation

Yoga Mat – A Friend for Life…

When most people begin their yoga journey they show up to class unsure if they’ll fit in, or indeed if they’ll come back after that one class. With this in mind, borrowing a mat from the teacher or studio you attend allows you to take part without the commitment. After all, who wants to invest in a yoga mat for it to sit sullenly in the corner, mocking you each morning it doesn’t get rolled out? … More Yoga Mat – A Friend for Life…

Clearing the Air

Inspiration from an odd source Tonight is the WWE Pay Per View – Elimination Chamber (stick with me, this is yoga related, I promise!) Whichever superstar wins at this event is guaranteed a shot at WrestleMania, which is what they’re all after. This got me thinking… We’re in a kind of mini-season within a season, … More Clearing the Air

Yoga Etiquette

There are some Health and Safety guidelines, which may help new yogis to settle into their first class or explain the weird and wonderful reasons why we do things a certain way. … More Yoga Etiquette

Building Balance

The universe constantly tries to create balance in everything. The seasons are balanced between extremes of heat and cold, life and death. But life often lacks balance by definition and this can bring about a host of difficulties which demand our attention, frequently at the worst possible time.     Balance and illness I need … More Building Balance