10 Tips for your best life

‘Dorothy taught us that all a girl really needs is a nice pair of shoes and a very loyal dog.’

We all know the phrase, ‘It’s a dog’s life,’ but have we ever stopped to observe how our dogs live their lives. Here are some tips, from Jackson, which we can all adopt to help us be the best version of ourselves through self-care.

  1. Get an early night – heading to bed a little bit earlier can give you the boost you need. Try to make this a priority a few times a week.
  2. Hug the ones you love – before bed, as soon as you wake up and every opportunity that presents itself throughout the day.
  3. Eat when you’re hungry, but don’t forget the importance of treats every now and then.
  4. Exercise daily – and don’t forget to stretch!
  5. Be friendly and kind – you never know what kind of day others are having, so take the time to smile at them and offer a kind word.
  6. Explore – have a curious mind and allow yourself to follow your interests.
  7. Accept a compliment – when someone tells you that you look good, say ‘thank you.’ No questions, no comments, no playing it down.
  8. Be playful and creative – this could be trying a new recipe in the kitchen, or dusting off an old hobby.
  9. A massage can be a great way of relieving stress – book one regularly.
  10. Make time to just do nothing – sit at the window and gaze out at the people passing by or the rain.
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