Clearing the Air

Inspiration from an odd source Tonight is the WWE Pay Per View – Elimination Chamber (stick with me, this is yoga related, I promise!) Whichever superstar wins at this event is guaranteed a shot at WrestleMania, which is what they’re all after. This got me thinking… We’re in a kind of mini-season within a season, … More Clearing the Air

Yoga Etiquette

There are some Health and Safety guidelines, which may help new yogis to settle into their first class or explain the weird and wonderful reasons why we do things a certain way. … More Yoga Etiquette

Building Balance

The universe constantly tries to create balance in everything. The seasons are balanced between extremes of heat and cold, life and death. But life often lacks balance by definition and this can bring about a host of difficulties which demand our attention, frequently at the worst possible time.     Balance and illness I need … More Building Balance