Choosing Joy

According to Google today is Blue Monday. According to clever people, this day has been calculated as being the most depressing day of the year. This takes into account many … Continue reading Choosing Joy

Meet the 5-elements…

If you’ve been reading my blog, following me on social media or coming along to any of my classes/workshops/events then you might have heard me talking about the 5-element theory. … Continue reading Meet the 5-elements…

3 Yin Yoga Poses for Grief

Last week we looked at the connection between grief and gratitude and I offered a few suggestions on how we can manage this ‘big’ emotion of grief through the lens … Continue reading 3 Yin Yoga Poses for Grief

Welcome to Late Summer

Incoming – new season alert The August New Moon (which happened on Saturday 27 August) sees the start of the season of late summer. While this is not strictly a … Continue reading Welcome to Late Summer

B-SMART about Stress

If left unchecked, continuous stress can have many negative affects on our physical and mental health. It’s time to B-Smart about stress management …

Yin Yoga to ease into 2020

With the festive season behind us, ease into the new year with this soothing yin yoga practice.