3 Yin Yoga Poses to Ease Worry

Stop Worrying and Start Yogaing

I’m a first-class worrier and honestly a day doesn’t go by where there’s not something on my mind to overthink about it. In fact, most of my sentences begin with, ‘I’m worried about …’ Let’s be honest, a little bit of worry is probably healthy. It keeps us alert and paying attention to what’s going on around us, but when the thoughts are circulating around your head all night reliving old conversations that’s when it’s gone a bit too far.

Worry is the emotion associated with late summer and specifically with an imbalance in the spleen and stomach, which are the organs of this season. The overthinking and insecurity which come with worry can weaken our digestive system – think about how it feels to have a knot in your stomach! But it’s not just about digesting our food that worry affects, it’s absorbing and digesting information, events or ideas.

Feeling like this over a short term can be useful as it helps us to identify where changes need to be made, but a long-term worrier may end up feeling overwhelmed by the smallest of things. Lethargy and difficulty concentrating follow on from here and it’s not hard to understand that feeling this way could feed into more things to worry about!

It can be a vicious cycle when we begin over-worrying and getting caught up in our own thoughts. When this happens there are some yoga poses, we can do to help return the balance within the body and alleviate the sense of overwhelm.

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