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Yoga for the mind

Yoga to help you get out of your head and back to reality!

We are currently enjoying the season of late summer, with a little bit of warmth still in the air and the flowers not quite faded yet. But the promise of autumn is evident around us and the joy of summer a distant memory.

According to the 5-element theory, late summer is often associated with the emotion of worry. While worry might not be exactly an emotion, it does tend to encourage us to spend a fair amount of time in our own heads. And we all know that this is not good for our mental wellbeing. The characteristics of worrying make it difficult for us to digest situations as we go over them multiple times in our own minds – trying to create a new outcome or change the past. All this goes on while we know that worrying won’t change anything, except rob us of any chance of peace in the present moment.

So, what’s the solution? Well, I’ve come up with a few ideas for you to try, if you are also partial to spending some time worrying. Yin yoga is excellent for the mind and when we combine yin yoga and acupressure we can see how yoga can benefit our mental health.

Toe squat is a great pose to get you out of your own head – literally. This is a yin yoga pose which stimulates all 6 meridian lines, which run through the lower body, giving you a massive wellbeing boost. The act of turning the toes under and the discomfort felt here draws the mind to the feet and away from worries (theoretically, anyway.)

*Take care if this pose gives you cramp in the toes/feet, always work gently. Maybe start with 30 seconds in the pose and then gently move out of it. Build up to 2 minutes.

Butterfly pose is another great way to shift your focus away from the head and into the feet. This pose is a perfect opportunity for a little bit of self-care in the form of a foot massage, but we can also tap into some beneficial acupressure points too.

Kidney 1 – treats confusion, headache, anxiety, restlessness

Liver 3 – ease insomnia, soothes agitation, calms mind and brings clarity

Spleen 3 – boosts energy and vitality, grounding, stability, clears thinking and improves memory

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