5 tips to survive your first class?

So, you’ve finally made the decision to start yoga. Well done!  You’ve did some research and found a teacher who sounds lovely and a class that suits you – now it’s all arranged.  But has panic begun to set in yet? Are you wondering how you’ll get through that one-hour class? Well here are some pointers to help you out:

  1. The hardest part is deciding to go.

You’ve contacted the teacher and arranged to go along, and you’ve made this commitment to yourself. Don’t let yourself down at this stage, head out to the class. The worst thing that can happen is that you feel relaxed afterwards.

  1. What do you wear?

Most beginners come along to class wearing a combination of leggings or jogging trousers and a baggy t-shirt.  Wear something that you are comfortable moving about in and that isn’t going to dig into you and distract your attention throughout the class. Bring a warm jumper to wear during relaxation.

  1. No mat – no problem

Most yoga teachers will point you in the direction of a shop where you can find a cheap and cheerful mat to get you started. You might also find that many classes have mats you can borrow for the evening or you can buy a nice new mat from your teacher.

  1. Do I eat before I go or after?

Have a light snack about 2 hours before you come to class. Something like a cup of tea and some toast, an apple, a banana or some light soup. This way your stomach won’t be over full during yoga, which can make you feel a bit uncomfortable. When you get home after class, you’ll enjoy your dinner even more.

  1. I’ll probably be rubbish at yoga.

This is a good one, because you can’t be bad at yoga. You can be a beginner, and some of the most experienced teachers still consider themselves beginners too. There is so much to learn in yoga, and it has so many benefits it can bring to your life. You will have good practices and not so good ones, that’s normal. The secret is to keep showing up to your mat and put in the consistent effort. That starts with walking in the door of your first class.

During the first few classes remember why you decided to embark on this new adventure. Talk to your yoga teacher and ask advice about anything you don’t understand or any aspects you’re worried about. And remember, that once upon a time, that lovely yoga teacher guiding the class was once a beginner just like you are today!

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