Rest and Restore,  Yoga

Rest and Restore – Day 7 I Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is the best kept secret of a great yoga practice. During my initial 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training, we practiced yoga nidra at least twice each weekend, and we spent a whole month engaging with our own (at home) practice. This is the only way I am able to fully switch off and completely relax.

Ideally our yoga nidra practice would last anywhere from 20-30 minutes, but today I have a short and sweet version for you. This guided meditation lasts 10-mintues and should leave you feeling restored and well rested. One hour of yoga nidra is equivalent to 4-hours of your deepest state of sleep – meaning that even a short practice has massive restorative qualities for our body and our mind.

I’d recommend trying this when you finish work for the day or before heading to bed, as this will afford you the best opportunity to switch off and enjoy your experience.

Yoga Nidra 10-minute guided video
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