Rest and Restore

Rest and Restore – Day 8 I Wall Shoulder Stretch

Day 8 – Shoulder Stretch

We are back at the wall for a few more yin-style yoga poses to release tension. This time we’re working with the shoulders. Before we begin, let’s cover the usual – please always work within a pain-free range, you should feel ‘something’ but not pain. Any pain or shoulder injuries please skip this pose and speak with a trained yoga teacher for advice.

While this pose is targeting the shoulder area, we are all different and created uniquely. That means that I may experience this pose in the shoulder but for you it could be felt in the lower back or hips (or anywhere else for that matter.) That’s fine, again as long as there is no pain. You are likely to experience the poses firstly in the place you are tightest along the kinetic  chain.

Name –  Wall shoulder stretch

Benefits – improves mobility across front of shoulder, into upper torso/chest and neck

Contraindications – shoulder impingement, or any shoulder injuries, recent surgery in chest/shoulder

Duration – hold for between 5 slow, deep breaths and up to 3 minutes. Don’t forget to do both sides.

How to – sit or stand side on at a wall, bend elbow and place forearm onto the wall. Gently rotate hips away from arm/wall to feel the sensation.

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