Clearing the Air

Inspiration from an odd source

Tonight, is the WWE Pay Per View – Elimination Chamber (stick with me, this is yoga related, I promise!) Whichever superstar wins at this event is guaranteed a shot at WrestleMania, which is what they’re all after.

This got me thinking… We’re in a kind of mini-season within a season, not quite spring yet, but feeling less wintery each day. Spring is a bit like our version of WrestleMania, everyone is looking forward to the new opportunities we may find as we begin to venture outside for the first time in months. And we all want our moment to shine and enjoy ourselves.

So where does this bring in Elimination Chamber – well in preparation for spring, it can be a good thing to take stock of our lives and eliminate the unnecessary clutter. We’ve all probably participated in a good old spring clean – getting the hoover out, opening the windows and preparing our surroundings for the upcoming season. But what do we do for our internal surroundings?


We need to plan time to re-focus our efforts and energies, ready for the changing of the seasons. Taking stock of where we are and where we would like to be heading is a good idea. This can be as simple as a To Do List, or as complex as starting a Bullet Journal – not just for the New Year!

In yoga we use drishti, which is the gaze, believing that where we focus our sight is where our energy goes. By focusing on positive changes in our life, our energy will head towards reinforcing these changes and the benefits may be greatly reinforced.

Clear the air

Aside from the benefits of heading outside or opening the windows to appreciate fresh air, it’s important to address any areas of unrest in our life. Sorting through our friendships and relationships can be richly rewarding as we make time to reconnect with old friends and find new ways to share time with those we care about.

Eliminate the unnecessary

I’ve had too much drama in my life recently, with horrible migraines and friendships which have suffered due to lack of communication. But I’ve taken time to meditate and reflect on these things and made (hopefully) positive steps to eliminate these dramatic experiences. By clearing the air, I hope that I can begin to rebuild these friendships with stronger foundations.

As for my migraines, I’ve eliminated cheese and chocolate, both of which have been common triggers. But stress is also a contributing factor, I’m not quite sure how to eliminate it altogether, but I’m working to minimise and manage it a lot better. This has involved meditating daily (I’ve been using Headspace,) preparing my meals so that I can make healthy choices, making time to relax in the evening by reading a book (Murder on the Orient Express) while having my TENS machine on and then heading to bed early.

Sometimes it’s small changes that make the biggest difference but figuring out our priorities and then taking steps to make positive changes can be the best use of our valuable time. Why not set aside some time this week to prepare, mentally for spring, and let’s make it a great season?


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