Not Good Enough

The last three years have been a whirlwind of ups and downs – life in its most dramatic format. I’ve been teaching yoga for three years now and on Sunday 28th April I will host my day retreat at Strathaven Hotel, this will also be the third anniversary of when I taught my first yoga class as a fully qualified yoga teacher. It’s amazing to think how far I’ve came from the scared person who sat outside the studio three years ago, wondering if anyone would turn up. To mark the three-year anniversary with so many lovely people will be incredibly emotional and will underline how far I’ve come both as a yoga teacher and as a person. However, there will always be a however …

Over the last three years I’ve worked hard to build my yoga business, starting with one class and often one person and building up to where I am today. Many days I went along to teach my class not knowing if anyone would show up, and always being amazed when someone came along to share their practice with me. I viewed it all as a step along the road, to wherever this journey is taking me, and I went with it. It has always been about sharing yoga with people who might benefit from a bit of stress relief, and my intention is to keep my yoga classes focused on the lovely people who show up each week.

The hard work I’ve put in has paid of in people coming along to share their yoga with me each week, joining me in raising money for charity and mostly having a laugh. I’m ok with the hard work and effort I’ve put, I might even be a tiny bit proud of myself too. But the pictures I post on social media don’t reflect these realities. We only choose to share the best of ourselves with the world and this can present a biased and unrealistic view.

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