Rest and Restore Day 1 I Classic Legs up the Wall

Welcome to the Rest and Restore Challenge. Each day during advent I will offer a new suggestion for you to include into your daily yoga practice. I hope that this will encourage you to carve out a moment for yourself each day and give yourself the gift of relaxation. 

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So here’s our first pose – Legs up the wall or Viparita Karani if you like a bit of Sanskrit. This pose is a wonderful way to practice savasana as it acts as an inversion, encouraging our bodies to enter into relaxation mode. If you don’t like using a wall, try this pose with your legs resting on a chair, bed or the sofa.

Name – Viparita Karani 

English translation – Legs up the wall 

Benefits – supports mild anxiety, arthritis, digestive issues, great for headaches, hypertension, sleep issues, migraines, improves breathing 

Contraindication – high blood pressure, heart disease, thyroid disorders 

Duration – stay in this pose from between 5 long, slow, deep breaths up to 10 minutes

Added bonus – place an eye pillow or a face cloth over your eyes to encourage a bit more relaxation