Rest and Restore

Rest and Restore – Day 3 I Twists at the Wall

Wall Twist 

Twists are great for the spine, the help to mobilise the vertebrae and can just feel really nice either first thing in the morning or just before heading to bed. In the twists today we are using the wall for support and to encourage us to move a little deeper into the spinal rotation. Please move carefully, place a couple of blocks of cushions under your knees to lessen the twist. Another option is to move slightly further away from the wall. Make the pose your own, we are targeting the spine, so hoping to feel something here, not pain just sensation of a rotation. 

Name – Supta Matsyendrasana 

English translation – Wall Spinal Twist 

Benefits – aids spinal mobility, supports back health, can be energising, aids digestion, boost circulation.

Contraindications – please avoid if pregnant or any back issues.

Duration – hold for between 5 slow, deep breaths (on each side) and 4-5 minutes.

Added bonus – blanket/pillow behind head.

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