Rest and Restore

Rest and Restore – Day 12 I New Moon Meditation

Today is a New Moon. The Dark Moon. This is the time when the moon sits between the earth and the sun. This results in the light from the sun illuminating the opposite side of the lunar surface from the earth, making it appear that there is no moon in the sky.

The new moon is a time of introspection, of slowing down and taking a look at what we would like to achieve during the next lunar cycle. We don’t begin to set these plans in motion yet, not until the first sliver of the moon begins to appear in the sky in the coming days. For now we meditate, we ponder and we take some time for self-care. All of these are ideal as we head rapidly towards the peak of the festive season – Christmas Day.

So make some time today to sit in meditation and to look after yourself. Maybe have a bath or take a walk outside to get some fresh air (and perspective.) Today’s advent gift is a guided new moon meditation, which I hope will help you set some intentions to carry you forwards into the New Year.

Guided New Moon Meditation Video
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