Rest and Restore

Rest and Restore – Day 6 I Guided Relaxation

Today is all about relaxation. We looked at Box Breathing on Day 5, today is a guided relaxation to help you switch off and let go.

I have to confess that I am not always very good at relaxing. In fact lots of people tell me I should relax more, which is amusing because I teach other people how to do it! I’ve made it my priority to get better at this because relaxation is a skill and it needs to be practiced so that we can use it when we need it most.

There are many ways you can relax, but today I have a guided visualisation for you. So find somewhere cosy where you can switch off for the next 10-minutes, grab a blanket and an eye covering and settle yourself in.

This guided relaxation is on Insight Timer, which is an app you can use on your computer, laptop, tablet or phone. I’ve been using if for years and am honoured to now be able to teach on this app. It’s totally free and there are plenty of other wonderful resources on it.

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