Rest and Restore

Rest and Restore – Day 11 I Legs up the Chair

Earlier this year I ran a Savasana Challenge and we looked at different ways to explore this familiar relaxation pose. The majority of people (myself included) preferred Legs up the Wall pose as this inversion offers the support of the wall and gives a bonus dose of the relaxation experience. We looked at Legs up the Wall pose on Day 1 of the Rest and Restore Challenge, so check back for a refresh.

Legs up the Chair pose is a close cousin of our favourite wall inversion but this time we’re using the chair to support the lower legs. This can allow the lower back to relax helping you to feel even more comfortable. This is a great pose to have up your sleeve over the festive period, as you can get some relaxation in during an ad break or while waiting on the next meal to be ready. Check below for some extras you can add in to make this pose even more luxurious.

Name – Legs up the wall 

Benefits – supports mild anxiety, arthritis, digestive issues, great for headaches, hypertension, sleep issues, migraines, improves breathing 

Contraindication – high blood pressure, heart disease, thyroid disorders 

Duration – stay in this pose from between 5 long, slow, deep breaths up to 10 minutes

Added extras – if the chair seat is a bit low down, place some folded blankets under the place where your calves would go. For an extra bit of comfort, add a folded blanket underneath the hips for cushioning and warmth.

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