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Rest and Restore – Day 10 I Bedtime Yin Video

I love teaching yin yoga, but I didn’t always love doing yin yoga. I often talk about how much I disliked my first ever yin yoga class – it was slow, everyone else (the other 2 people there) knew each other and then the teacher read poetry to us. I was not in a state of bliss at all.

But I went back. I knew that this experience was one teacher, one studio and one day. Each class is different, each time a teacher steps onto their mat to share their class it’s a different experience for every student. For me I just needed to find the right teacher and the right frame of mind. Luckily I did, and I am so grateful to have continued studying with my amazing teacher, Clare, over the last few years.

That brings us to todays’ gift – a 30-minute Festive Chillout Yin Yoga video. You will need at least one blanket for this practice, I hope you enjoy it.

Bedtime Yin Yoga Class – Festive Chillout
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