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Learning to be enough

‘Enough’ is a word I am trying to become friends with because it has been a constant companion in my vocabulary. It has been used as a word to describe all that I am not, to make me feel bad about my efforts and as a means of comparing myself. Not a very friendly or helpful use of something that is simply a word.

But a quick ‘browse’ on social media, or even watching television might send the message that many of us are not ‘enough.’ We’re not thin/fit/healthy/flexible/blonde/brunette/pretty/clever/kind enough. Maybe we don’t play with our kids/pets ‘enough’ or even spend ‘enough’ time visiting our parents/baking/doing yoga… Whatever your ‘enough’ might be, is there a chance that it is limiting your experience of the world? Are you looking at everything through a lens of not being ‘enough’ in some way?

I am constantly battling my own insecurities and trying to accept myself as I am – I am enough! But it’s an ongoing battle, and sometimes the voice in my head pops up to give me the reverse pep talk, leaving me wondering why I bother in the first place.

You see I’m a yoga teacher but I’m not very flexible or fit. I don’t eat a super healthy diet; I believe in balance. In the views of some, I might not be ‘yoga enough’ to share the amazing benefits of this practice. Some days that’s exactly how I feel too, but then I remember one very important fact –

The voice in my head is not me and it is not always correct! I don’t need to believe what it tells me!

While I continue to battle my inner negative voice, I try to keep in my mind that there is one place where this word is not welcome – my yoga mat. While practicing yoga I never stop to think that I’m not bendy or strong ‘enough’ to do something, I view everything as a starting point. This is my place to begin and there is always room to grow. Today I might not be able to put my hand on the floor in a pose, but working at it for the sake of loosening off wherever the restriction is will help. And it will help me feel better along the way.

Viewing my yoga practice as a journey which highlights areas within my body (and mind) that need a little more tending too is a great way of accepting where I am right now, while leaving space to grow into where I might be. Yoga is all about acceptance of our current reality, while we work on the areas we would like to improve. By using labels like ‘enough’ I am restricting my own potential because there will never be ‘enough’ there will always be something further to work towards – and there should be!

So if you ever find yourself repeating the affirmation, ‘I’m not … enough’ change it up, give yourself the opportunity to find out your potential. Whether this is on the yoga mat or in another area of your life, don’t allow a word to prevent you from taking a chance. Who knows where you could end up if you decide to be enough!  

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