Late Summer

Top Tips to Nourish your Soul

With the New Moon in August we see the arrival of Late Summer and the earth element, which in terms of 5-Element Theory is the beginning of the more yin seasons of the year.  While Late Summer isn’t a season we normally observe in the UK, it offers us the chance to tie up loose ends, enjoy the last few moments of summer as we turn our attention to the cooler months to come. This is my favourite time of the year, a time when I get to nourish my soul with yummy food, conversations and spending time with the people I care about most. Here are some Top Tips to help you embrace the transition from the yang of summer towards the yin of autumn.

  1. Spend time with those you care about – community and connection are so important to our wellbeing. Action – take up a new hobby where you can meet link-minded people.
  2. Create a mealtime routine – this could be eating at the same time each day or adding more fruits/vegetables into your diet. Action – try having at least one meal a day as tech free.
  3. Build your focus – good concentration is an example of a well-balanced earth element. Action – try a simple meditation where you focus on counting the breaths for 1-minute. Every time your mind wanders, you begin again at 1.
  4. Put the salad away – it might be tempting to enjoy those summer salads, but at this time of the year eating cold food may impact the balance of qi. Action – check out social media for some inspiring, healthy and quick recipes to try this week.
  5. Don’t worry, be happy – this time of the year it can feel a little sad. Summer is over and we may feel the heaviness of the cooler months closing in. Take time to focus on the joy and happiness of the summer months, rather than thinking ahead. Action – create a scrapbook of all your adventures over the summer.
  6. Try some Yin Yoga – this 30-minute class is designed to nourish your soul, leaving you feeling renewed and refreshed. Yin is great to incorporate at this time of the year as it encourages us to slow down, embrace the shifting of the seasons and make time to care for ourselves.

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