How to create an effective morning routine

Building an effective morning routine Last week I wrote about the benefits of creating a calming evening routine and how this can help to improve the quality of sleep we … Continue reading How to create an effective morning routine

Writing a blog that no one reads

First of, if you are reading this then a massive thank you from the bottom of my heart. You’re probably the only one, but that doesn’t mean you mean any … Continue reading Writing a blog that no one reads

Podcasts to Motivate

Sometimes it’s nice listening to music when I’m out a walk, other times I enjoy the company of my favourite Podcasts.

Saying Goodbye

Welcome to a brand-new season – spring. The air is fresh and beginning to warm up, the evenings are longer, and the sun is up when the alarm goes off in the morning

5 Tips for a Mindful Morning

The brain loves a routine, it makes things a bit more predictable, and while our days can be incredibly chaotic having a familiar way to start the day can help set us up for success – whatever the day brings with it.

So you want to get fit…

Was your New Year Resolution to get fit? How’s that working out for you now that we’re into March?


We spend half of our life waiting. Waiting in queues, waiting for a certain time or event or even just waiting for the perfect set of circumstances.

Lies, Lies, Lies

As a yoga practitioner I have spent time studying the sutras and looking at how non-truths impact on my life. This has changed the way I act and influenced who and what I allow into my life.

Bending over backwards

Any type of yoga will include movements which take the spine through its natural range of motion – side bends left & right; forward fold; backbend; twist to right & left.

B-SMART about Stress

If left unchecked, continuous stress can have many negative affects on our physical and mental health. It’s time to B-Smart about stress management …

Rethinking Blue Monday

Don’t let Blue Monday get you down, let’s put a positive twist on it with a change in thinking.


January is the ideal time to create strong roots, that will help us build an amazing new year.